Liquid Soap Making in Kenya

Cleaning industry has experienced a boom in the recent past, thanks to diverse culture of hygiene. Liquid soap, correctly termed as liquid Detergent is nevertheless a basic requirement for hygiene. The raw ingredients are abundant in Nairobi and major towns however stockists have taken advantage of the disperation of the Kenyans seeking cheap prices.

The quality of the raw materials, prices and expertise in mixing the ingredients will greatly influence the quality of the final product. We approached different raw materials outlets in Nairobi and we can say that much needs to be made on the customer education and awareness


Creating and Owning a Brand

Waking up in the morning and going to bed daily in the evening has every person’s one thought in mind: Whom am I in the society, place of work or home.

Naturally, in the human race, people are conscious of how they are viewed or rated in the society. And it is everyone’s dream that they take a superimposed place in peer groups, village or even Estate where they reside.

People have the crave for superiority and celebrity status. This is what motivates them to work even more hard to get promotion, make more money or get associated with a development that serves as a reminder to the society of whom they are.

To a majority few, owning a company is the epitome of fulfillment of their career goals. To these classes of people, owning a company is not just enough, but have a company that goes with colossal titles like “corporates”, names that end with “Limited”, “PLC” or to the more elaborate “manufacturers blah blah…”. Like me, they imagine people whispering things like “.. ssh….that’s the owner of….. ‘” whenever they pass through the corridors of banking halls or streets.

But did you know that having a company and being referred to by people as a CEO is as easy as one can imagine? What hinders many dreamers to achieve their life desires is lack of mentorship (right information, motivation and dedication on the part of the mentor). Many dreams die at the stage of implementation while others abort immediately after they are conceived in the minds of dreamers.

The Paint Industry in Kenya is Untapped

Of course, the contractor will ask about the quality of your product and KEBS certificate will come in handy. Next, the contractor will summon his paint man and he will instruct him to test the product. If the paint man gives your sample a clean bill of health, the contractor, knowing that he can save a surmountable cash by buying directly from a ‘Sole Proprietor ” (you), he will pull you aside and start the “business talk”.

Step 4: Make a healthy bargain. The contractor may have made a budget of say 2,000,000, for the paint. The actual cost of this amount of paint could be about 400,000. Have the contractor see the benefit of saving by buying from you and on your side, evaluate your profit share. Let him give you a down payment and make your way to raw material stockist (along Enterprise Road). Purchase the raw materials and do the mixing. Deliver it in time and have your cheque.

Of course a lot of discipline is needed as a manufacturer, especially when doing a startup. All in all, remember that quality, timely delivery and astute professionalism (paperwork) is key to success. With a million shillings from the first deal, scout for more upcoming buildings and make the steps. I am sure tomorrow on your way to town you will see more than one new upcoming buildings. They will need paint from the giant manufacturers but you can be the substitute.

Betty Industrial Chemicals Officially Launch Life stock Feed Formulation & Compounding Manual

Announcing the new development, Betty, a trainer and author of industrial procedures revealed that the new book, with over ten animal and poultry feeds formulas will benefit young school and college leavers with kin interest in becoming manufacturers and not employees.
She cited animal feed industry as the latest money minting business. “Besides human beings, Kenya has a good population of livestock- over 3 million cattle, chicken, camel, goat and sheep not included” she added. ” Even the farmers who struggle with animal feeds for their zero grazed cattle can make their own compound feeds for their livestock without necessarily buying local feeds”  she added.

“Anyone thinking of investing in a business with quick bucks should consider trying a hand in ventures with few competitors, animal feed manufacturing being a good example”


Many people who visit us for business consultation have one thing in common; fear of the unknown!
Over 95% percent of our clients ask one question; can we get a market share (read succeed) with all the giant multi national flooding their machardise in the market?
The other question that we normally get from our clients is this: Does one need a big capital and space to start a manufacturing business?
Now, all the above fears are valid since for one to spend a life times’ fortune, or say a Bank loan, he/she needs to evaluate the risks attached.
The following are undeniable  facts about the big businesses that currently dominate the market;
1. All of them started small
2. Their current owners/CEOs were once unhappy employees earning very little salary.
3. Almost (99%) of them entered the market when they “felt” or “believed” that it (the market) was already full.
4. A sizeable number of them started with a capital bellow Ksh. 20,000. (We disclose to you the companies involved here when you visit us-we can’t publish their names here).
5. We have statistics of over 20 local multi national business empires which started operations from the confines of their owners’ homes (kitchens, bedrooms, estate backyards etc) .

Often than not, the “fear of competition from pioneers” among optimistic kenyans and the general population is what drives us backward, slows us in venturing into manufacturing business.
There are people who will need motivational speakers to psychic them up, while others will need an extra ordinary courage to get started.
Business consulting, for people interested in starting up a-say Soap making business-is the best platform to get started.
Business consultants will not motivate you with “impractical facts “, but will present to you researched facts backed by scientific statistics and practical lessons on how to get started ( minimum capital requirements, raw material sourcing, training, mentoring etc)-not cajoling, lying and “empty motivation”
With as little as Ksh. 500, a good business consultant will demonstrate how you can-with or without enough capital -start up business, where you can buy Raw material at an affordable price, where you can get trained (eg soap making, cosmetic formulations etc) .
As we saw earlier in this article,
manufacturers-to-be often have a fear that their products will not match those from big companies. They also fear that they may not get Raw materials, or they may not make good profits. All those fears are psychological. When the founder of an extremely popular local brand (Nice & Lovely) , a Mr. Kinuthia set himself into cosmetic manufacturing, the market was “full” similar competing brands from the formidable Unilever, Biersdoff (makers of NIVEA), Loreal ( world largest cosmetic manufacturer-Dark & Lovely) and over a dozen other multi national entities. Similarly, the founder of Virgin Atlantic Air Lines, made it when British Airlines dominated the business. These and more examples have one common denominator: Pioneer Occupants. But how did the newcomers make it to the top amid this crowd occupancy?
Determination and courage. Big business empires create loop holes for incoming competitors. The big companies also popularize a product or set trends that new small companies (hitherto known as newcomers, ride on through to the top).

Some other questions that our blog followers as is this: How can I register my products with Kenya Bureau of Standards or how can I register my business to avoid being on the wrong side of the law. Now, its often simple to deal with this. Kebs charges around ksh. 5,600 while registering a business name is only ksh. 800. Registration of a Limited company will cost anything between 5-15 thousand depending on the lawyer you hire, but you can always start trading with a business name. There is no law that forbids one to use registered business name in manufacturing.