This is a Bathing Soap Tableting Machine for trimming and shaping the soaps. It uses a pneumatic system powered by a Compressor. For ordering, please call 0722201340 /0723424240


  1. Mohamed Taherali


    I would like to start bar soap manufacturing in coastal area and would like to know the prices of the machines complete with stamping ready to sale.

    Please do send me your quotation.



  2. Ansumana O.Outland

    Hi my name is Ansumana Outland
    From Liberia and interested in learning how to make soap am 38 years of age.
    Please give me your advice


  3. Mathios Meba

    Hi i am Mathios from Ethiopia
    I have a small soap making business . So i want to take a training in cosmotics preparation specially lotion .
    Pls give the detail of the course duration , price and some clarifications.


    • cosmeticskenya

      Hello Meba, the course takes about 8 hrs. We charge Ksh 4,000 (40$)

      Course Outline includes:
      Course Outline
      1. Definition of a cream
      2. Basic chemistry of Emulsions
      3. Raw materials used in cream
      4. Overview of raw materials used in cream formulation
      5. Introduction to dermatological applications for common lotion ingredients
      6. Tyrosinase blocking natural agents

      7. Product formulation
      8. Cream making procedure

      9. Branding and packaging
      10. KEBS Standardization procedure



    Hi I am KIPLANGAT from kericho and interested in bar soap manufacturing industry that will produce atleast 100 bars of soap per. I need your guidance.


  5. Charles Maina

    Hi I am Charles. Amazed by the Opportunities you have made available.
    I would like to send a relative to the soap making course. How much is the Cost
    Charles Maina.


  6. Nyasha Zvionwa

    Hi. My name is Nyasha Zvionwa from Zimbabwe
    I would like to start a Bar soap production project on a small project. Please advise on which machinery to buy and the cost


  7. Abdi Ahmed

    Hello Cosmetics Kenya,
    Please, how much does it cost a hard copy of soap making manual?
    Very interested to learn some new techniques.
    Thanks and regards



    Is the manual comprehensive i.e containing all the procedures of the products you provide? If so, what is the cost of such a manual?


  9. A&G Investments

    I want to help in the sale and marketing of all kinds of soaps and washing powders. We serve as brand ambassador and representative where we help you build business in international market


  10. Benson

    Hallow. I am Benson interested in starting small bar industry please advise me on what i require including machinery and pricing to set up the industry and cost needed to for raw materials at least for one month. thanks

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    • cosmeticskenya

      Hello Benson. You have a wonderful choice of business. For a small scale, you need at least 15,000 to start off. I don’t know what level you want to start with but generally, soap molds can be used in place of industrial machinery. Raw materials are of wide range. Please WhatsApp us on telephone 0723424240 and we will assist you


    • cosmeticskenya

      Hello, we offer training and consulting everyday from 8-5pm. On Saturday we close at 3pm. We are located in the city center at Nyota building along Accra road at the junction of Dubois and Accra road room 309 third floor. You can register by calling us through this line 0723424240


  11. Omesiri

    Hello, i would like to learn about liquid soap making, I tried severally to get in touch with via your numbers above but to no avail, please kindly send an email address i can use,


  12. AC

    AC SOAP MACHINES is specialized to supply reconditioned complete plants and machinery for the production of soap.
    We supply refurbished soap machines adding advanced technology devices; in this way we permit important capital saving. We are a leading Company to refurbish existing machines of Customers property. An our strength is to supply die-set for soap stampers, change parts (size groups) and the most common spare parts for different models of soap packaging machines. We supply only reconditioned soap machines made in Europe, especially in Italy.

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  13. Rose Makena Kiunga

    Petroleum jelly making training manual is how much.
    Lotions manual too.
    Do you assist in manufacturing plants set ups.
    Where are u situated I come for one on one consultation and training.


    • cosmeticskenya

      Hello Makena, the manual for Petroleum Jelly making is Ksh 6000. Lotions Ksh 3500.
      We assist in manufacturing plant setup.

      We are located in the city center at Nyota building along Accra road at the junction of Dubois and Accra road CBD room 309 third floor and room 105 first floor


  14. Wangari

    Hi cosmeticskenya. Thanks for availing this info. My question: there was a course outline given..does it cover making all soaps or one pays for each soap. Kindly clarify. Also, when do you offer the training? Do you wait for a qourum to register before training or how do you go about it? Thanks a lot. Wangari


  15. Samuel Aimmoh

    I have been working in Dar es salaam tanzania. I am grateful for the good work you are doing for enterpreneural development in Kenya. Your work is similar to the good work done by Sido in dar es salaam. Kindly include tie and dye making. I have interest in bar soap making.


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