Testimonies from our clients

This page is dedicated for display of the testimonies of those who have made substantial progress in their lives after passing through our hands.

The few displayed are sampled from the numerous testimonies that we found encouraging.

Please note that in the spirit of professional ethics, we have withheld some of the testimonies as a way of observing privacy to our clients. The few displayed only serve to encourage and educate prospective clients who want to persue manufacturing career in their lives.

This client got trained by us one few ago and now they are on with full scale production

This young man bought a Manual from us and among the many things he is manufacturing, soap business is doing well.

This gentleman trained with us and later bought a machine SSP 133ti. He’s now operating a successful soap factory in Kiambu.

Currently, Smartgrade is the biggest brand in Eastern and North Eastern. Factory based in Meru

A very fledgling brand in Nairobi

A big factory in Nakuru since October 2019

This message was sent to us 4 months after training

Our immediate former student goes full scale in Foam Mattress production

This student came for commercial Juice training and now she has the biggest brand in Western Kenya

🖕She is the biggest manufacturer of bottled juice in Western Kenya