Triple Roller Soap Mill in Kenya

Soap roller mill machines are gaining popularity and acceptance in the Third World countries and Kenya is not left behind. Previously viewed as a burdensome utility by small scale soap manufacturers, the advantages of the machine by far outweigh the disadvantages.

The primary task of a Roll Mill is to refine soap by reducing the particle size. Soap extruded by any means, having been pre-milled often exudes quality, a common feature with high end brands such as Geisha, Sunlight etc.

Super Advantageous
Whereas the only perceived “disadvantage” of a soap roller is the added cost of soap business startup, few of the numerous advantages of the Triple roller mill are;

1. Production Cost savings
2. Finer texture finish
3. Better soap compaction
4. Soap Color dye homogeneity

Production Cost savings
During the initial stages of soap refining, noodling (noodle Extrusion) becomes a very important production step . The more the repeated noodle extrusion, the finer the soap gets. However, this has implications on costs. Time and energy (electricity) are consumed. The plodder machine is also overworked besides increased tear and wear. By running the soap cake once through the roller mill, the plodder works only once: extruding bars. The quality of the bar soap is superior and very attractive.

Finer soap texture
The Roll Mill crashes the soap cake reducing the particle size to 0.2 microns, a feat that can never be achieved by pelletizer plate (noodle plate)

Better Soap Compaction
A well compacted soap has zero air spaces and this physical quality defines durability of the bar

Soap Color homogeneity
Coloring soaps with oil soluble dyes to uniformity can at times be problematic besides needing a lot of labor or mechanical agitation. When high shear is introduced to soap cake, the colorants spread out evenly to the substrate, recording high index of homogeneity.

The Amazon Roller Master Triple Mill Lister QRP
A new product in the Kenyan market, this heavy duty triple roller mill is amazingly resilient.

The manufacturer attributes its superior performance to better heat transfer due to the larger heat exchange surface area, a technical feature achieved by a bigger Roller L/D ratio which is 4:1 from the traditional 2.5:3.5 L/D. The rolls are made out of solid shaft of high strength carbon steel. The cooling channel and bearing seats are machined directly into the main material, with the middle roller connected with pressurized coolant pumped in and out of the roller throughout a rotary joint by a 0.5 Horse Power pump.

The unit is supplied with an inbuilt analog PLC for controlling all semi automatic sequences manually programmed to monitor the different functions, powered by a single phase motor.

A 10-page user manual, two year warranty certificate and tool box are supplied with the machine. To make orders and enquiries, WhatsApp 0724807203

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