Training Charges set to Increase by over 50%

Today the management held a stakeholders meeting with the aim of reviewing the operations of the organization including the standards of the training.

It was noted that the recently introduced prime industrial programs necessitated retraining and re orientation of the staff together with upgrading the entire curriculum to accommodate comprehensive Industrial economics as a mandatory subject. This, the management concluded, will offer the trainees a better understanding of the principles of economics in manufacturing

It was further felt that by upgrading the training, the firm will clinch an edge above the only two competitors in Africa. Therefore, this will call for a little rise in the training Charges which will be effected towards the end of the year. For example, the training on fabric softener, which costs Ksh 4,000 will cost Ksh 6500 while Foam Mattress Making Technology which is currently charged Ksh 16,000 may cost Ksh 24,000. Industrial Coatings (Paint Technology) that is currently charged Ksh 16,000 may too be charged Ksh 24,000. It is for this reason that our followers will see few changes in the firms charge list.

Teaching Staff Empowerment
The stakeholders also discussed and agreed on the need to implement the recently proposed reward schemes for the teaching staff. It was unanimously agreed to allow the staff to develop and launch their own brands in the areas of interest while in employment. This will see them exit the firm as accomplished entrepreneurs with their own businesses and brands. Already two members of the staff have zeroed on two most popular items in the market and branding is on way. “This will help them practice what they teach and lead by example to aspiring industrialists” said Dr Herman, Co director and head of curriculum development.

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