Difference Between Laundry and Bathing Soap

Our many years of teaching in soaps, Detergents and Personal care products has yielded a lot of understanding in this area of interest.

Many people who aspire to acquire knowledge and expertise in making soaps often pose the question about debt debt management ddddffddddfdfddifference between the two.

For a start, both laundry bar and bathing soap are basically soaps, meaning the constituent raw materials (typically oils) behave the same when hydrolysis of the fatty acids takes place in presence of similar amounts of alkaline earth metals. But it is the intended final use or application that differentiates the two. Also, combinations of various oils in bathing soaps at different blending ratios, incorporation of various additives to alter functionality etc is what determines whether your Soap will be classified as a Laundry or Bathing (toilet) soap.

Laundry Soap


  1. darius ndambo

    hello, would like to get some training from you guys about making of the laundry and bathing bar soap! what is the cost of the training plus accomodation? what is the duration of the training?!!


  2. Darius Ndambo

    please i wish to take some course soon with you, i want to confirm hw much will it cost me the whole course plus accomation, and duration?!!


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