Cosmetics and Detergents Kenya Limited Institute

We are a Nairobi based consultancy firm, dealing with hands-on training in industrial chemical processes, research and brand development.

Over the years, we have conducted comprehensive training in manufacturing of various products in the categories of Household hygiene products, Personal care products, industrial cleaning products, Leather products, Industrial paints and coatings, Rubber products, Foam Mattresses, Lifestock feeds etc.

Cumulatively, our Institute, on daily basis, is conducts in-house teaching of 56 industrial disciplines, all focused on Kenya Bureau of Standards, consumer preference and Good Manufacturing Practices.

The college dean, Dr. Herman, a medically trained family physician is among other three directors who oversee curriculum development and supervision of the training.

Started Five years ago after he quit medical practice, Herman a church elder who keeps a low profile, teamed up with renowned Industrial consultants and together with his wife, a career accountant and business woman, they bore the idea of empowering Kenyan citizens in setting up cottage industries that would promote living standards among the retirees and the jobless. However, prior to setting up the institution, Herman oversaw the successful running of family business that also invested in the health sector in Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania. The business, an NGO, dealt extensively on research in HIV and Chronic Diseases, running 40 well equipped Medical diagnostic Laboratories across East Africa. Herman was also among Four directors of a Health College based in Kericho (2007) which together with KNF Healthcare Services wound up after sponsor withdrawal and brand failure.

The move saw them launch a self-guide book on industrial processes written from a layman’s understanding. This was later to involve yearly release of new editions with more formulations and precise procedures.

Among other services offered by the institute are product development research, Training of trainers, and lately, Biopestides development and testing. “Biostag”, a bedbug bio- compound analog developed by Herman is in it’s initial testing and so far, he says the progress is good. It is envisaged that the Biopesticide will be the first product to successfully wipe out the bugs.

Machinery and Raw Materials
The Institute has teamed up with other competent service providers to ensure that the trainees are well equipped for the job. The institute has been appointed by Express Marine Engineering PLC in offering basic maintenance and repair of their soap machines besides promoting their sales among the upcoming career industrialists.

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