Exploring Hydro colloids in Cutting Down Cost of Production

In manufacturing, especially Detergents and Lotions, the viscosity is the one one of the physical attributes that define quality. A thick shampoo, handwash gel, multi purpose, Lotions etc are attractive to customers and potential buyers since they portray richness, concentration and original. These physical features, among others (due to discuss later) are what put the manufacturer on competitive edge.

The thickening of the product is achieved by expensive ingredients which add to the cost of production beside adding value. For example, alcohol esters such Stearic acid, Cetyl alcohol etc are typical thickening agents that, apart from imparting texturing qualities in a body cream and lotion, help in co emulsifying. Therefore, we cannot completely ignore them but reduction in their dependence is worth trying it in cutting the cost of production.

In detergent production, use of CDE among other thickeners can slightly increase the cost of production.

Use of Hydrocolloids
Apart from imparting pseudo plasticity to the Detergents and Lotions, the big advantage of using these self wetting ingredients is cutting the dependence of expensive thickeners. For example; Cheap shampoos and Lotions utilize the use of these ingredients such as x-gum, carbapol, guar gum, gum Arabic etc to add volume, thickness and improve texture. Without their use, the actual production of a 20-Liter high quality liquid multi purpose detergent,) (assuming you are buying chemicals from a third party) will cost partly 300 shillings. By incorporating them, you can spend Ksh 220! Shampoo production is much cheaper at Ksh 205/20L Jerry can.

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