Directions to Our Training and Exhibition Centre

We’re located along Accra Road, at near Tea room Area at Nyota Building, room 105 First Floor

The training focuses on strict applications of modern procedures in compounding and formulations that include internal quality control, Raw material sourcing, Entrepreneurship, Pricing and Costing, Branding and Marketing. The trainees are given humble time to practice as much as they can. Access to our training hall is accessible freely for up to one week after training. This means that you can use our available resources to do  free repeat procedures without paying more for up to five days.

We’re open daily from to 5pm. For immediate attention, please Call this no 0723424240 for further assistance.


    • cosmeticskenya

      Hello Bee. We have them. Concentrated Fragrances go between Ksh 2,700-4,000 per litter.
      Molding trays for laundry bars cost between Ksh 6500 to 14,000.

      Dyes go for Ksh 2,000/kg


  1. Narainen

    I am from Mauritius.
    Interested in foam making mattress.
    Can I talk personally to Mr Herman for East Africa business?


    • cosmeticskenya

      Hello, Sammy, it takes a day. Comprehensive Theory precedes practicals and the learners are able to make a sample and test it. We issue recognized certificates that can facilitate registration of the products with regulatory bodies

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  2. r3agani

    Hi to start a small bar soap making business considering a very cheap machine that can help in producing the bars with chemicals etc, how much least I needed to invest in thanks


  3. Agoya

    Hallo I’m interested in energy drink making business. How long will it take and charges and are you conducting online classes with the lockdown? Will I get a certificate?? How much is needed to invest in it?


  4. Edwin

    Hi, do you have a course on making powder detergents, like omo, ariel, etc? How much is the course, and the business startup costs? Thank you!


    • cosmeticskenya

      Hello Edwin, yes we have a comprehensive training program for powder Detergents of various grades. Course takes 1 or two days and corporate charges are Ksh 26,000. Individual charges are Ksh 5,500 only


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