Cosmetics Kenya Limited Institute

Cosmetics Kenya Limited is the leading trainer of home-based and industrial-based product formulation and manufacturing.

The following is a list of the products we train on. The training is done everyday from 8.30-430pm.
Individual charges apply for each item. We have special rates for more than three items paid for at once.

1.Toilet Bowl Cleaner (Harpic-type)
2. Fabric softener 
3. Hypochrorite Bleach (jik) 
4. Colors Bleach
5. Carpet Cleaner
6. Hard Surface Cleaner
7. Disinfectant
8. Shampoo
9. Car wash Shampoo 
10. Utensils Scouring Powder 
11. Drainage unblocked
12. Liquid Antiseptic (Dettol-type) 
13. Liquid Disinfectant
14. Facial Scrub  
15. Hand Wash 
16. Hand Sanitizer 
17. Medicated Hand washing Liquid Soap 
18. Shower Gel 
19. Nail Polish Remover
20. Body Lotion
21. Body Cream
22. Baby Jelly
23. Normal (Basic) Shampoo
24. Herbal Shampoo 
25. Hair Relaxer Cream 
26. Hair Curl Activator Gel
27. Hair Treatment  
28. Hair Food

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