SSP-133Ti™, The Ultimate Soap Maker’s Tool

Adapted from The Express Marine Engineering Corporation Assembly Plant Site.
In any career, there is always a tool that the workers prefer more than the others, be it cultivating, brewing, building etc. And in soap production, the same situation arises.

Manufacturing is a delicate task that requires a lot of carefulness, in order to minimise wastage while achieving best results. It is for this reason that choice of the right machinery and application of skills is called for.

SSP-133Ti™ comes in handy when a soap manufacturer is bent on producing the best results while scaling down the Cost of production.

What makes SSP-133Ti™ the better option?
Compared to a wide range of soap making machines, SSP-133Ti™;
1. Is capable of achieving over 200 dozens per day therefore making it suitable for medium scale production
2. SSP-133Ti™ is engineered using the latest technology that makes manufacturing enjoyable because of minimal noise and vibration.
3. SSP-133Ti™ has a variable digital thermal regulatory switch that ensures good soap finish.
4. SSP-133Ti™ can work for extended long hours without overheating and need for changing water.
5. SSP-133Ti™ saves energy, therefore making it more economical to use, especially where the cost of production is anticipated to be low.

In a tightening economy where the shilling is plummeting against the dollar, the Kenyan manufacturer for any consumer product dreads a situation where his product takes more than previously estimated costs – in terms of production. To meet the minimum cost of production threshold, one would ensure that use of electricity is kept low all the time while maintaining other costs of operation at minimum levels. Therefore, the SSP-133Ti™ makes the perfect tool of choice when it comes to power saving. Mr. Edward Kithinji , the chief technical director at Express Marine Engineering Corporation maintains that choosing the right machinery factors in the power (electrical) consumption. He warns that the wrong choice of machinery can frustrate a manufacturer to the extent of abandoning the career. He cites an instance where some manufacturers use Jua Kali fabrications and, shockingly, at the end of month, the Kenya Power slaps the machine owner with power bill larger than the cost of raw material.

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