Upon purchase of the new SSP 133™ Ti Soap Plodder, we offer the following for free;

1. Free training on soap production
2. Free raw materials for 10 dozens
3. Free assistance with KEBS registration of your soap brand
4. Free branding of your product.

This offer is valid till August 2015 subject to terms and conditions. Call us today for more information and details 0723424240
Terms and Conditions Apply


The new SSP 133™ Ti has extra unique features like automated digital thermal regulator for fine tuning the glossy appearance of the soap bars and energy saving during extrusion. The machine has increased compaction pressure, more refining ability and top quality production. This is the only soap plodder in African market with distinct operational features.

Warning: SSP133Ti is not advertised on OLX platforms.

Click this link for map Directions to Our Training and Exhibition Centre –

Click here link for your answers on FAQs




    what are the prices of the machines please  

                                                                                                              Jesus Loves You


  2. Ndunda

    Thank for the timely information. I am interested in bar soap manufacturing. How much does the new machine coast and what is its production capacity?
    Thank you.


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