We are a consultancy multi disciplinary firm based in Nairobi and Mombasa.
We are charged with training on cosmetics and detergents, sale of machines and Raw materials. Click this link for Directions to Our Training and Exhibition Centre –

Call us on this no. 0723424240



  1. Anthony Njoka

    I am intrested in learning on soap making.Both barsoaps and detergents or even powder soaps.Give me the information on your pricing plan for various courses you offer.
    I also need to know if you sell soap making lye or chemicals,cutting knifes,moulds etc and at what price.
    Thank you.


  2. eyong Julius

    Hello, I am a Cameroonian intending to two move to kenya and spend time to expliod important items of your course program mostly in soaps and detegents. My worries is on visa procedures. Does your establishment issued preriminary paper for visa documentation to kenya? Please let me have a contact number to correspond with someone. Thanks


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