INTRODUCING New Soap Making Machines make type SSP-133Ti™, manufactured using Superior German Technology by EXPRESS MARINE ENGENEERING CORPORATION. 
For any assistance write directly to

Physical Features
1.Size: Length 4ft, Width 2ft, Height 3ft
2.Weight: Approximately 380kg 3.Colour: Choice of two; Metallic White & Metallic Grey

Technical Features
1.Inter-cooled Log Processor 2.Power Source: Single and Three Phase option
3.High Pressure Soap Extruder of 4134.1inHg (Inch Mercury at 32F) or 2030.5Psi
4.Production capacity of 200kg per hour (20.8 Dozens of 800g bars)
5.Changeable refiner pelletizer
6.Customized name and logo automatic roller stamping unit(optional).

Difference Between Our Machines From Jua Kali Fabrications

Our machines:
1.Produce super refined high quality bar soaps
2.Produce soaps with Uniform Standard Weight
3.Have very low maintenance cost
4.Are durable and come with a one year warranty
5.Have low power consumption 6.Have extruder dyes with adjustable size for various soap sizes like lodging soap

The high pressure extrusion of 4134.1inHg (Inch Mercury at 32F) or 2030.5Psi ensures  that the soap is super refined and this prevents it from cracking upon exposure on sun or prolonged storage on the Super Market shelves. The circulating coolant in the  cooler system  allows powerful temperature control enhancements in the plodder barrel for better soap  processing. The machine is sold and serviced throughout East and West Africa by Cosmetics & Detergents Kenya Ltd.

Warning: The SSP133Ti is not advertised on OLX platforms. Be warned of counterfeit or old repaired machines sold as new.

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We can arrange with your bank for machine loans.
Call us or WhatsApp +254723424240


  1. eric karanja

    How much does the soap plodder cost, plus include whether it is simplex or duplex,
    it power rating, maintance cost, cooled with water etc.




  2. Ibrahim Ali

    Hi keep it up good job I’m very interested in soap business for very long time what the price for Machine and wrapping unit and how I can get material for making soap Thanks


  3. Peterson

    Hi, I have always desired to have a soap making machine to start a family business. I lack the know how and afraid of the frustrating procedures of KEBS licensing and certifications. I would like to attend one of your training lessons.


    • cosmeticskenya

      Hi Peterson,
      You are welcome for a training session with us. We shall take you through the right standard procedures in soap making and orientation about KEBS. You won’t be frustrated by them in any way. They are friendly and helpful.


  4. mogga moses ezibon

    It’s really wonderful, the technology has made work easier than before. how much do you sell the SSP -130 machine?


  5. faisal

    Hullo interested in knowing what exactly the soap plodder machine does ,is it the one making the shape of the soap bars


  6. faisal

    Thank you for quick reply,after mixing all the chemicals for making bar soap ,do just pour the ingredients into the soap plodder or also need another machine for solidifying it before making soap bars


  7. Maxwell

    Hello admin,, i saw somewhere you had said you have poddler machines which cost between 30,000 to 500,000k, which podller ranges between 30k and 50k please, and how many soap bars does it produce???


    • cosmeticskenya

      Hello Maxwell, the machines you saw quoted 30-50k are tableting machines and pour mould trays. Commercial Soap making machines cost higher than that. Please call our customer support service on telephone number 0723424240 for detailed. Ask to speak with Pius or Silas


  8. yusuf

    Hi keep it up good job I’m very interested in soap business for very long time what the price for Machine, and how many different type of machine I suppose to have in order to make bar soup, also I need to know how much coast to send a young boy there to attend the training of it please,


    • cosmeticskenya

      Hello Yusuf,
      Thank you for your kind comments.

      To make laundry bar soap, you need the following:
      1. Soap Plodder (like the new SSP 133 Ti)
      2. Soap stamping unit (it comes free with purchase of our plodders)
      3. Boiler tank (technically known as clutcher).

      We charge Ksh 4,000 to train your own staff member to make high quality laundry bar.

      The price of SSP 133 TI is Ksh. 299,000 0,000. This price includes the 100kg Boiler tank.


  9. christine

    kindly send me a quotation for the machines required for the following
    1. making laundry bar soap,- soap mixer, mould, stamping unit and branding unit
    2. making liquid detergent soap – mixer and branding
    kindly send for locally made machines and for the soap plodders so that we can compare where we can start from
    3.packaging & branding unit
    4. training quote for 50 women.
    if possible today this is very urgent we would want to set up an enterprise as soon as possible. send to


  10. Hilda

    Hi, I am in need of bar soap machine to make all types of bar soap plus the liquid soap making machinery for all liquid soaps. I am located in Dar es Salaam tanzania.


  11. George Toks

    Hello, I’m interested in your soap making machine (Bar/Tablet Soaps). I wouldn’t mind if you could send me full catalogue of your machines and their price list in USD$


  12. antwi erasmus

    please my name is antwi Erasmus from Ghana. I wish to know more about the bar soap machines you have and their capabilities and in case you have any agency in Ghana I can contact for a machine. thank you


  13. Pitily

    i’m interrested in your soap making machine (bar/tablets. ) i wouldnt mind if yoi coiuld send me full catalogue of yoir machines and their price list in USD$


  14. j hange

    do you also sell to namibia. i need a quotation for a londry and body bar soap mixer, a paking and lebeling unit. please help me out. wtzp +264813454889


  15. Noorudin Adamjee

    May i please have your email address as i am interested in your machines and would like to talk more about them. Thank you



    Am in uganda. Am interested in making both high quality laundry and bathing soap as well as lotions at some time. I would like to get from you some quotations of machines and ingredients. I also would like to know if you can arrange the transportation of the equipment to Uganda. Thank you.

    Liked by 1 person

  17. ben

    hi, sasa. Let me have the prices of the soap making machine, am located in Nairobi but I want the machine to be shipped in Mwanza Tanzania, let me have more details, will visit your plant in the coming days.


    • cosmeticskenya

      Hello, the latest model SSP 133 ti costs USD 4,500. SSP 230L costs USD 6500. They come with auxiliary units free of charge. Please talk to us on WhatsApp no 0723424240 for more details and videos


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  19. Abdirashid M. Ismail

    I am from Somalia and inntrested to start laundary soap busniess. I am planning to travel to Nairobi 15. april for one week visit. I hope to meet your firm.


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  21. Lucy Gaceri

    My Name is Lucy from Kenya.currently working in Dubai please give me the quotation.
    Actually,l will come to.attend the training when l come for vacation.
    How many days training and at how much?


  22. Mukisa Benard

    Hello I would like to know the cost of complete Soap making machine for commercial purpose with all its accessories.
    Please share


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